Sarah and I chose to work with Dom when we saw the incredible job he'd done for our friends wedding. We were both blown away with their album, the style of the pictures and the way he'd managed to really cover their wedding in an evolving story of pictures.

Photographers of Dom's calibre are artists but one of the most incredible things about working with him is how down to Earth he is, how open he is to your input and needs and how adaptable he is to the changing circumstances that just might happen 'on the day' .....

Dom's greatest attributes, his talent aside, are his infective enthusiasm and his incredible ability to relate to and have rapport with everyone. Dom didn't just photograph our big day, he was an integral part of it and really got everyone enjoying themselves during the group shots. His interests are your interests, he's incredibly supportive during the day and will do as needed to get a great result whilst never taking his focus off what's important - you! And he's very accommodating with time on the day, he was there almost as long as we were!!

We decided not to have a video of our wedding, we just couldn't see anything that didn't look cheesy. That makes choosing your photographer even more important as it's the only record of the day you're going to have and so you've got to have something that you will treasure and that will bring back to life one of the most beautiful days of your life. That's exactly what Dom achieved for us. From the pre-service nerves and getting ready to the church service, the reception and right into the evening. When he presented us our Album - we could see so many precious elements of the day, capturing moments and feelings that enrich our memory and ensure it will never fade.

One of the surprises for me of dealing with Dom and Shelley was the incredible commitment of their time and energy put in prior to the wedding and afterwards. I never imagined how much work and time our wedding would create for them. I think that's unusual with photographers but then Dom's photography is anything but average. I only understand with hindsight that fantastic results, like we got with Dom, are only achieved with a tremendous amount of hard work and time on his part.

The time Dom invested in getting to know myself and Sarah well before the wedding paid off for us as it really put us at ease. We both are really uncomfortable normally in front of a camera but he really got us past that and when you see the amazing results he can get, it takes the fear out of the whole process.

Aside from asking Sarah to marry me, Dom was the single best decision we made about our wedding day. He was so easygoing to work with and the results of his hard work and talent will be cherished by us for the rest of our lives. It's not so much that I can recommend him wholeheartedly, it's more that I'd struggle to understand someone needing to think for a second before booking him. For probably the best day of your life don't settle for second best memories.

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